What’s special in iPhone 12 pro?

The most luxurious version of Apple is iPhone 12 pro. It has the same features, same revamped design and same size as the iPhone 12. Instead of aluminium sides, the iPhone 12 pro has stainless steel frame body with the greatly polished sides. Also, it is bulkier than the standard iPhone 12 that makes it moderately weighty than compared with 12. The screen is fantastic 6.1 inches OLED displays and also slightly brighter than 12. In addition to, it is wrapped with new more drop resistant ceramic protection material by Apple and also has a mag safe charging as well as other accessory systems made into its back. The life of a battery is really awesome and this smart phone lasts on 40 hours between the charges with screen utilized for videos and other applications for working well more than six hours in that time.

Advantages of iPhone 12 pro

The iPhone 12 pro is currently available for a fairly decent price. It is worth to buy iPhone 12 pro, because the Apple has made this between several iPhone models. All have similar features and specifications, but massively different in prices. Also, the cost difference between iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro series is massive. It greatly supports the wireless charging and also a proprietary quick charging as well. The pros of this iPhone model are full day battery life, strong build quality, snappy complete performance, fantastic display and Dolby vision video recording. Along with these, it also supports the face unlock with 3D face recognition as well.